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Behind the Lens

" Shatter the
mirror of
Reflect your
true worth."

Meet Lisa Haywood, the portrait photographer whose journey began not with a camera, but with a dream. At the tender age of 15, the world of photography beckoned, and Lisa answered with an old film camera, capturing the fleeting moments of her youth.

While many might have seen a future psychologist in young Lisa, destiny had other designs. It steered her towards serving the Deafblind community and those with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. Yet, the siren call of fashion remained, echoing in the background, urging her onward.

Life's unpredictable narrative has taught Lisa one undeniable truth: every detour, every unexpected twist, is but a thread in the vast tapestry of existence. This philosophy transported her from the cozy confines of Winnipeg, MB to the bustling artistic hub of Penticton, BC. Here, in the hallowed halls of art college, inspiration struck, fueled by iconic tomes like Vogue.

Today, Lisa's work is a harmonious blend of high-fashion aesthetics and soulful portraiture. With over a decade behind the lens, her portfolio isn't just "magazine-worthy"—it's a celebration of diversity, a testament to the beauty in every face. And as she steps into the shoes of a mentor, Lisa's passion finds a new outlet, nurturing the next generation of photographers. The blossoming talent of her protégés? That's her greatest reward.


Lisa Haywood: Crafting Elegance Through the Lens

What Sets Us Apart


Empowering individuals through genuine captures, my mission is to illuminate innate beauty in every frame, creating timeless testaments that inspire joy and self-embrace beyond the moment.

Framing the World.

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